The Innovation Team at the French Consulate in Boston:
Mr. Antoine MYNARD
Attaché for Science and Technology
Antoine Mynard is Attaché for Science and Technology at the Consulate General of France in Boston since Sept. 2008. He is tasked to monitor the Federal and local policies in innovation, both in universities and the corporate world. He has produced a few reports for the French research communities (the trends of venture capitalism market in the US, the patent reform in the US, the stimulus package and its impact on research, etc.). His team also manages a few co-operative programmes, such as YEI (business development in France for younger firms based in the US) or NETVA (business accelerator in the US for French earlier stage companies).
His career path took him into both the private and public sectors.  An economist by training, with degrees from North America, France and Germany, his forte lies in innovation technologies. His career started at ELF Aquitaine where he was part of the “future unit” working at the corporate level.  He then went on to become a consultant on external trade before re-joining the CNRS in 1990 as a specialist on the international administration of research and technology.  He left France for Montreal to be a Scientific Attaché at the French Consulate before being sent to China in 1997 where he was both Science Attaché at the Embassy and head of the French Nat. Center for Scient. Research Office in Beijing.

A. Mynard has written numerous articles, brochures, bulletins (in particular the scientific bulletin of Singapore and America that is distributed to respectively 4,600 and 12,000 subscribers) and articles on technological advances and conferences in English held in several European, Asian and American countries.  He is also a member of working groups in Europe (France, Austria, Germany and the European Commission).  His command of English and German, and to a smaller extent Mandarin, has enabled him to put these skills to good use, making him a specialist in the administration of research, not only in Europe but also in Asia; particularly in China and the south-east of the continent.

Mr. David Boucard Planel
Deputy Science Attaché – Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Working at the consulate since 2010, DAvid is in charge of the Entrepreneurship and Technology partnership programs. The aim of the Office for Science and Technology is to foster partnerships between French and American universities, entrepreneurs and innovation professionals. In that framework, Davis was is in charge of running and growing  the NETVA program (, a new initiative to help the most innovative French start-ups understand the US entrepreneurial culture and develop technology partnerships in the US. David is reponsbile for the organisation of the Café des SCiences, along with the OST’s partners, and for the writing of weekly articles focused on innovation, as well as strategic reports.

David holds a Master of Science in Mircoelectronics Engineering obtained at SUPELEC, a French Engineering SChool, and also a Master of Science in Business, focused on Innovation Management, from the EM Lyon Business School. He’s an experienced innovation professional in IT and web. P^rior to joining the OST, David evolved as an innovative product manager at SFR (French mobile carrier), where he co-conceived 2 inovative products in energy management and IPTV, aimed at growing SFR’s market share. He also held 3 other different positions in marketing, project management and strategy.

Ms. Lisa Treglia
Deputy Scientific Attachée – Tech Transfert and Biotechnologies
Project Assistant – Innovation Policies and Outreach
If you are interested in becoming an intern for the Office of Science and Technology, send a resume and brief cover letter to   The unpaid part- or full-time position includes activities such as:
  • researching current innovation and technology transfer activies in America
  • assisting in projects related to NETVA, YEi, or FAID
  • scheduling meetings for important French visitors
  • preparing interviews with key opinion leaders
  • updating the blog

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