Essential of the week: questioning the best way to help startups

Dear friends, there has been a lot of debate these last weeks among the entrepreneurial community about how to help startups TO take off, and foster the best environment for them. The Obama administration took one option by signing the JOBS Act legalizing crowdfunding and simplifying IPO regulations  for young tech companies. Entrepreneurs will yet have to be carefull because:

  • the SEC hasn’t provided clear regulations about crowdfunding yet, and may take up to 270 days to do so
  • they will only be able to spread the word about their startup’s funding goal on accredited websites

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Essentials of the Week : JOBS Act, Accelerator Bubble & Entrepreneurship Rate

EssentialsDear Friends, a lot of froth can be perceived in the startup world nowadays ! The week didn’t took off to a flying start, as the Kaufman Foundation announced, in its last report, that the U.S rate of new business creation dropped by 5.9% in 2011, compared to 2010. Still,  the startup creation rate is higher than before the recession, which is a sign of dynamism ! As a collateral effect, young companies create less jobs and stay smaller than they were last year, which could have a bad impact on job creation throughout the US in 2012.

Yet, a lot of new initiatives, both public and privates, are being developed to help young companies succeed and assist the entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Continue reading

Essentials of the week March 12 – 20

EssentialsNo, Innovation in America is not dead ! Despite the alarming messages spread out in the news, highlighting how america is losing its competitive and innovation edge, it still ranks among the best countries in the world in terms of Innovation, according to the last report released by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. Among the seven criteria used to compare the countries*, the United States excel in 6 of them. Continue reading

Essentials of the weeks : March 1 – 9

EssentialsDear Friends, March is off to a flying start and great news and events about entrepreneurship keep blooming ! On the finance side we just got a hold of new data on angels investment in 2011, and a few surprises awaited us in the Halo Report. Indeed, if California still leads the pack with 21% of total investments, a couple of regions are on its trail ! Surprisingly, it’s Michigan that takes the second place with 16% of investments, followed closely by New England (14.6%). What is remarkable is how angels groups are active throughout the whole country, Continue reading

Essentials of the weeks : february 15-28

EssentialsDear friends, it looks like startup funding is being debated a lot lately, as different ecosystems are battling for the best spot, and that more and more startups are competing for the same amount of money. The new crowdfunding bill, that easily passed the senate a few months ago, was supposed to open a lot of new opportunities for young companies. Unfortunately, it is now stuck in the Senate, because its opponents feel that it has to be much more regulated before being made legal ! Continue reading

Essential of the weeks : Feb 1st – Feb 15, 2012


After trailing far behind other Universities like MIT or Babson College, it seems like Harvard is really willing to catch up in the race for entrepreneurship. After opening their Innovation Lab a couple of months ago, the University decided to go further and launched an experiment fund that will provide up to $250,000 in seed fund, mainly to student-led teams in Cambridge, MA. That’s a big move for the university, that certainly doesn’t want to see the next Marc Zuckerberg leave the campus for the Silicon Valley ! Continue reading

Essentials of the weeks : January 23 – 30

EssentialsFinally ! After taunting us for more than a year, Facebook finally filed with the Securities and Exchange commission, announcing an IPO that should be done around May. The goal would be to raise 5 billion and if the company is correctly valuated at $100 billions, then Marc Zuckerberg would be worth more than $28 billions ! But who else owns Facebook and how much are they worth ? That’s the question that Techcrunch answers ! Continue reading

Essentials of the Week : January 9 – 20

EssentialsSeems like nothing can stop the dynamic pace of innovation that is happening at the beginning of this year ! As usual we dig for the best and latest news, and the harvest is very prolific ! And NO we are not talking about Megaupload’s closure by FBI ! Enjoy these articles and don’t hesitate to share them !

Article of the Week : 
2011 Venture Capital Report – A Record Year with $30.6 Billion Invested in 3051 Deals – CB Insights
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Essentials of the week : January 2-9

EssentialsDear all,

welcome back for this new edition of the Essentials of the Week, the first of 2012 ! The year is off to a flying start with great news and forecast for the weeks and months to come. No doubt that Innovation & Entrepreneurship will be the flagship of the year, and the key to growth & definite recovery. Take a look at our selection !

Article of the Week
Is Massachusetts Losing its Edge ?  – John Towne – Business Telegram

5 Steps to Increase Innovation Skills Set – Innovation Management – Marc Juszczak
Tony Fadell’s Newest Invention is the iPod of Thermostats – Fast Company – John Pavlus
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Essentials of the weeks : Nov 29 – Dec 13

EssentialsDear all, seems like Santa Claus brought us a lot of interesting news a little bit in advance ! So enjoy this selection of great articles about innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy, it will be the last of this year !

Article of the week :
Can Venuture Capital Save the World ? Helene Coster – Forbes Magazine 

MIT President on How to Improve America’s Economy – Alan Weissberger – Viodi 

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