The Office for Science and Technology is an organization belonging to the French Embassy in the United States. Our mission consists in fostering cooperation projects between actors of research, entrepreneurship and technology transfer in France and in theUnited States, and in identifying the local initiatives in terms of support to research and innovation.

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Innovation is the main economic driving force of the New England economy, and many indicators can testify of this vitality:Massachusetts ranks 2nd as far as new technologies and innovation are concerned, only overpowered byCalifornia and its mythical entrepreneurial ecosystem. The excellence of research that is performed in universities, as well as the ambitious public programs meant to support the development of new technologies, and a dynamic community of investors and entrepreneurs, are the ferments of New England’s economic success.

On its side, Francealso deserves its reputation as one of the world’s leading countries in terms of research and academic excellence, which explains the importance of our cooperation with New England.

Being immersed in the fantasticBoston’s ecosystem, our office came up with powerful ideas of programs that could strengthen the relationships between the two countries and most of all, build bridges for scientists and entrepreneurs.

For scientists

Our flagship event is called the French American Innovation Day. It is an annual symposium, focused on an important scientific topic, that gathers prominent scientists, industrials and investors in state-of-the art technologies. The event ambitions to promote French & American Science and Technology and enhance the development of transatlantic collaboration, a key to solve next generation’s problems.

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For entrepreneurs

To help French Entrepreneurs enhance their development on US markets, we have created a fully customized training and accelerator program, named New Technology Venture Accelerator. Every year, we guide and support 10 great technology companies to tackle the challenges of US markets and increase their international growth ! If you want to be involved, don’t hesitate to take a look at the website.
See what are the effects of NETVA

Launched by the Office for Science and Technology, the Young Entrepreneurs Initiative constitutes another tool for this productive relationship, as it provides U.S.-based entrepreneurs the unique and exciting opportunity to pursue their project to create an innovative company inFrance. Entrepreneurs selected to participate in this program will receive financial assistance and suitable support from the Office for Science and Technology and its French partner institutions. The program is now managed by RETIS , the French Innovation Network.

Go to France with YEI !

Launched by the Office for Science and Technology in partnership with AUTM (Association of University Technology Managers), the France-USA Technology Transfer Fellowship Exchange Program is dedicated to foster exchanges of good practices betweenFrance and theUSA in the field of technology transfer.

The creation of the France-MIT program represents an important step in the scientific cooperation plan of action with the state ofMassachusetts. This initiative, which is financed by both the French government and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, makes it possible to support collaboration projects with the latter: it includes internships inFrance for MIT students, French visiting professors at MIT, conferences and publications.


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