Five new genetic susceptibility factors identified for Alzheimer’s disease

A consortium of 108 European laboratories coordinated by a French team (“Public Health and molecular epidemiology of diseases related to aging” UMR 744 Inserm-Lille-Institut Pasteur de Lille) led by Professor Philippe Amouyel (director of the 2010 FAID seminar) and a British team (Centre for Genetic and Genomic Neuropsychiatry, University of Cardiff) have recently identified five new genetic predisposition factors involved in the development of the disease.

The research was conducted by Inserm in close collaboration with the CEA (French national genotyping centre, CEA-IG-CNG), the Fondation Jean Dausset-CEPH and a European consortium of 25 teams.

The discoveries were made thanks to support from the Fondation Plan Alzheimer, which coordinated the research section of the plan, launched in February 2008, to fight Alzheimer’s and other related diseases.

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2011 FAID on “Science and Innovation: The Challenges of Translational Breakthroughs” with GIANT cluster

The Office of Science and Technology (Boston Office) is organizing its flagship event, the French American Innovation Day. The event  is co-sponsored by Grenoble Innovation for Advanced New Technologies (GIANT) Campus. The 2011 edition will be held on December 6th at Harvard Medical School Conference Center in Longwood Campus. The sponsors are partnering with Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute, PVLSI (MA, USA).

Entitled “Science and Innovation: The Challenges of Translational Breakthroughs”, the seminar breaks down into 3 appealing sessions:

Session 1: “Deciphering complexity and diversity of life”
Session 2: “Key competencies for innovation”
Session 3: “New innovations in healthcare”

The 2011 FAID will gather the most prominent scientists, both from the U.S. and France, in the engineering and biomedical science area as well as corporate executives from both countries.

We are delighted to announce that Professor Eva Pebay-Peyroula will be the French Scientific Director of the FAID seminar. She is a renowned scientist, Member of the Academy of Science, President of the French National Research Agency (ANR) and Director of the Institut de Biologie Structurale (IBS) in Grenoble  where she is focused on functional and structural aspects of membrane proteins. Her US counterpart will be Professor Paul Friedmann, Executive director of PVLSI, Dean’s Professor in Biomedical Innovation at Isenberg School of Management at UMass Amherst.

They will moderate the sessions exploring research tools, training skills and know-how related to innovation in translational research.

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2010 FAID on Alzheimer’s disease: feedback

The 2010 FAID semianr was held on December 6, 2010 at the Broad institute.

Six interactive sessions was drafted to addresse all the aspect of this disease.

The latest scientific researches both in France / Europe and in the U.S. was discussed.

Thank to the scientific directors and panellists, a high level content was reached.

See the pictures of the seminar here !

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2010 FAID on Alzheimer’s disease

The French American Innovation Day (FAID) website is a flagship annual seminar supported by the French Embassy’s Office for Science and Technology.

The 2010 edition will address major public health issues as well as the devastating neurodegenerative disorder, Alzheimer’s disease.

Moderated by two outstanding scientific directors, Prof. John H. Growdon (MGH/Harvard, U.S.A.) and Prof. Philippe Amouyel (Pasteur Institute of Lille , France), the seminar comprises 6 interactive sessions which will explore the latest research and innovative therapeutic strategies.

The 2010 FAID will gather the most prominent experts from France and United States who are specialized in Alzheimer’s disease.

The seminar is free but seats are limited. Register now !

Register & find more information on the 2010 FAID website:

This event is supported by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC)

2010 FAID on Alzheimer’s Disease

Save the Date! The 2010 edition of the French American Innovation Day (FAID) will be held on December 6, 2010.

Research on Alzheimer’s disease is  extremely challenging. With an eye to the progresses in this field, the scientific coordinators Prof. Philippe Amouyel, director of the French Alzheimer’s Foundation and CEO of the Pasteur Institute in Lille and Prof. John H. Growdon, Clinical Core Co-Leader / Founding Director of the MADRC and Director of the Memory and Movement Disorders Unit at MGH will be leading the debate with several French and American speakers in hot topics.

This year, the Office for Science and Technology is organizing this event in partnership with Mass. Life Sciences Center.  As this program is being prepared, expressions of interest are welcomed and various corporate sponsorships are available. Contact Lynda Inséqué for more information.