Which big company has the worst management ? HP, RIM and Yahoo trust prizes !

Yahoo just nominated Marissa Mayer to try to steer back Yahoo on the growing path, giving  her a more than hefty salary package, which could go up to more than $30 Millions ! Did the board of directors finally make a wise choice after a series of very pricey mistakes ? Time will tell !

But Yahoo is not the only company whose board of directors have kept making big mistakes over the past years : among the winners are RIM (Blackberry) and Hewlett Packard, slowly disintegrating into a banal company.

Discover in the great infographic below the 5 worst managed american companies of the last 2 years, and how poor management decision steered them toward trouble !


Translational research – the renewal of pharmaceutical research

    Translationnal researchThe pharmaceutical industry’s business model has been in a crisis since the early 2000’s. With huge investments in research and development and very little output, companies have been forced to rethink their strategy. The industrials have looked at externalizing their research to university research centers, to reduce costs and access their academic expertise. They helped create collaborative teams with both academic and industrial researchers, to take fundamental innovations and turn them into drugs and treatments. But this translational research isn’t just a demand from the industry, it’s a dynamic that also comes from both federal government initiatives and change in the academic perspective. Continue reading

Why startups fail : an amazing infographic !

The Startup Genome association analyzed and scrutinized more than 3,000 high tech startups all over the world to understand patterns of success and failures, and understand the ecosystems they evolve in.

Out of their study and thanks to the great visualization site visual.ly, an amazing infographic will help clarify key components in the success of a startup, and why failures often come from one of them missing.

The most common reason for failure ? Premature scaling. For the rest, take a look below and don’t forget to read this excellent Techcrunch’s article 

United States & Entrepreneurship : a few myths and realities

Strength and weaknesses of US While Facebook, Airbnb, Zipcar, Tumblr, Instagram and many others are shining light over US entrepreneurship ecosystems, only a few concrete studies actually dig deep enough into the various characteristics of the whole country to measure how it compares to other places in the world, economically-wise. Of course the Silicon Valley, the Triangle Research Park or Boston are fantastic places to create and grow your business, but what about the US ? Beyond great companies, how do the United States measure to other countries in term of business friendliness ? Is it still the perfect place to start a company ? Continue reading

What’s wrong with Venture Capital ? Maybe Limited Partners.

Broken Venture CapitalThe first numbers of 2012 just got released, and Venture Capital, after a great year 2012, is being pulled back on Earth, with investments down 22% from Q4 2011. That’s not good news for entrepreneurs seeking capital, but we can hope the General Partner will raise their investments for the next quarters of 2012. The only positive news are for companies that are at seed and early stage levels, as VCs are more and more prone to invest in them. They represent about 1 investment out of 5 this year, the highest rate observed in years.

The dark side of Venture Capital Continue reading

Last posts on entrepreneurship : Silicon Valley secrets and the US Government playing the VC game

Venture Capital news and Silicon Valley SecretsWe have now increased the size and talent of our workforce, in order to bring you the best news about entrepreneurship and innovation from all around the US ! Camille de Rosay and Sebastien Rouif joined our San Francisco office, and will give their best to deliver you insider analysis on this fantastic entrepreneurial region. And of couser I will continue to provide you with the latest news and trends on a national level, and reveals some secrets of the East Coast !

Unfortunately for those who don’t speak a second language, most of these great articles are in French ! It can also be a good reason to jump in and learn a new language while improving your knowledge about entrepreneurship !

On the menu this week (in French), a definite 4 stars 3-courses meal :

Why the Silicon Valley is unique ? Interview of Prof. Miller at Stanford University
Author : Camille Rosay, San Francisco

Main Course
The US Government want to play the Venture Capital game : a risky move ?
Author : David Boucard Planel, Boston

The entrepreneurial life in Silicon Valley
Author : Sebastien Rouif, San Francisco

We hope you enjoy the reading and most importantly, don’t hesitate to share this article to your entourage !

Essential of the week: questioning the best way to help startups

Dear friends, there has been a lot of debate these last weeks among the entrepreneurial community about how to help startups TO take off, and foster the best environment for them. The Obama administration took one option by signing the JOBS Act legalizing crowdfunding and simplifying IPO regulations  for young tech companies. Entrepreneurs will yet have to be carefull because:

  • the SEC hasn’t provided clear regulations about crowdfunding yet, and may take up to 270 days to do so
  • they will only be able to spread the word about their startup’s funding goal on accredited websites

Continue reading

Should other ecosystems stop trying to copy the Silicon Valley ?

It’s a fact that nobody can deny: the SIlicon Valley is the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world. Yearly studies keep confirming it, and it is increasing its overall domination: last year the Valley attracted about 40% of private investments in startups (about $20 B). Other states leaders and foreign governments keep scrutinizing this area, hoping to replicate its secret formula and host the next Facebook. Unfortunately, the secret is well kept and no one succeeded in this enterprise until now. Continue reading

International Team Unearths Oldest-Ever Reptile Embryos (CNRS)

Dating back 280 million years or so, the oldest known fossil reptile embryos have been unearthed in Uruguay and Brazil. They belong to the ancient aquatic reptiles, mesosaurs. The study of these exceptionally well-preserved fossils suggests that mesosaurs were either viviparous(1) (pushing back this mode of reproduction by 60 million years) or that they laid eggs in advanced stages of development. These finds, published in the journal Historical Biology, were revealed by an international team including Michel Laurin, CNRS senior researcher at the Centre de Recherche sur la Paléobiodiversité et les Paléoenvironnements (CNRS/Museum national d’histoire naturelle/UPMC).

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Tech Transfert in U.S Universities: a French Perspective

Dear readers, we present to you a series of three articles  focused on Technology Transfer in the U.S, manly in universities. The articles are based on the interview of the former Association of Universities Tech transfer Managers (AUTM) president, Prof. Ashley Stevens of Boston University, who gave us great insights on TT. Continue reading