What’s wrong with Venture Capital ? Maybe Limited Partners.

Broken Venture CapitalThe first numbers of 2012 just got released, and Venture Capital, after a great year 2012, is being pulled back on Earth, with investments down 22% from Q4 2011. That’s not good news for entrepreneurs seeking capital, but we can hope the General Partner will raise their investments for the next quarters of 2012. The only positive news are for companies that are at seed and early stage levels, as VCs are more and more prone to invest in them. They represent about 1 investment out of 5 this year, the highest rate observed in years.

The dark side of Venture Capital Continue reading


Essentials of the weeks : January 23 – 30

EssentialsFinally ! After taunting us for more than a year, Facebook finally filed with the Securities and Exchange commission, announcing an IPO that should be done around May. The goal would be to raise 5 billion and if the company is correctly valuated at $100 billions, then Marc Zuckerberg would be worth more than $28 billions ! But who else owns Facebook and how much are they worth ? That’s the question that Techcrunch answers ! Continue reading

Venture Capital In 2012 : A Cautious Optimism

The last numbers of 2011 just got released : 2011 was a very good year for Venture Capitalism in the U.S. With more than $30B invested in startups in 2011, representing a 30% raise, this is the biggest record in a decade ! VCs were optimistic at the beginning of the year, and they were right to be so. And every industry sector benefited from the pouring money coming from the VCs, some more than others of course. Continue reading