French and social media : some trends and challenges for the 2.0 years

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If Facebook is as popular in France as it is in the US, it is not the case of other social media networks and tools such as Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare and similar applications. Nonetheless, According to the Inria/TNS Sofres survey conducted this year, nearly one French person in two declared they could not do without social networks.

Such interest on its own proves what a success the social web is, although success is not without an increase in private data now present in cyberspace. A thorough grasp of interaction tools and controlling one’s web image are becoming major challenges for tomorrow’s web, both for individuals and companies… as well as a challenge for researchers developing social web management tools. 

To know what the 2012 trends in social media will be, the INRIA interviewed two of the best specialists in France : Frederic Cavazza – Social Media Consultant, and Fabien Gando, Researcher at Inria.

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