Essential of the week: questioning the best way to help startups

Dear friends, there has been a lot of debate these last weeks among the entrepreneurial community about how to help startups TO take off, and foster the best environment for them. The Obama administration took one option by signing the JOBS Act legalizing crowdfunding and simplifying IPO regulations  for young tech companies. Entrepreneurs will yet have to be carefull because:

  • the SEC hasn’t provided clear regulations about crowdfunding yet, and may take up to 270 days to do so
  • they will only be able to spread the word about their startup’s funding goal on accredited websites

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Essentials of the Week : JOBS Act, Accelerator Bubble & Entrepreneurship Rate

EssentialsDear Friends, a lot of froth can be perceived in the startup world nowadays ! The week didn’t took off to a flying start, as the Kaufman Foundation announced, in its last report, that the U.S rate of new business creation dropped by 5.9% in 2011, compared to 2010. Still,  the startup creation rate is higher than before the recession, which is a sign of dynamism ! As a collateral effect, young companies create less jobs and stay smaller than they were last year, which could have a bad impact on job creation throughout the US in 2012.

Yet, a lot of new initiatives, both public and privates, are being developed to help young companies succeed and assist the entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Continue reading