Should other ecosystems stop trying to copy the Silicon Valley ?

It’s a fact that nobody can deny: the SIlicon Valley is the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in the world. Yearly studies keep confirming it, and it is increasing its overall domination: last year the Valley attracted about 40% of private investments in startups (about $20 B). Other states leaders and foreign governments keep scrutinizing this area, hoping to replicate its secret formula and host the next Facebook. Unfortunately, the secret is well kept and no one succeeded in this enterprise until now. Continue reading


Essentials of the weeks : January 23 – 30

EssentialsFinally ! After taunting us for more than a year, Facebook finally filed with the Securities and Exchange commission, announcing an IPO that should be done around May. The goal would be to raise 5 billion and if the company is correctly valuated at $100 billions, then Marc Zuckerberg would be worth more than $28 billions ! But who else owns Facebook and how much are they worth ? That’s the question that Techcrunch answers ! Continue reading

Essentials of the weeks : Nov 29 – Dec 13

EssentialsDear all, seems like Santa Claus brought us a lot of interesting news a little bit in advance ! So enjoy this selection of great articles about innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy, it will be the last of this year !

Article of the week :
Can Venuture Capital Save the World ? Helene Coster – Forbes Magazine 

MIT President on How to Improve America’s Economy – Alan Weissberger – Viodi 

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