Essentials of the Week : JOBS Act, Accelerator Bubble & Entrepreneurship Rate

EssentialsDear Friends, a lot of froth can be perceived in the startup world nowadays ! The week didn’t took off to a flying start, as the Kaufman Foundation announced, in its last report, that the U.S rate of new business creation dropped by 5.9% in 2011, compared to 2010. Still,  the startup creation rate is higher than before the recession, which is a sign of dynamism ! As a collateral effect, young companies create less jobs and stay smaller than they were last year, which could have a bad impact on job creation throughout the US in 2012.

Yet, a lot of new initiatives, both public and privates, are being developed to help young companies succeed and assist the entrepreneurs in their endeavors. Continue reading


Innovation in the U.S. is doing well, ITIF and Kauffman Foundation say

“The Global Innovation Index” is just out, and its results concerning the United States are very positive: despite some flaws in the American policies, the U.S. stay very competitive in terms of innovation. Only in two of the seven innovation-spurring areas are the U.S. slower than western European countries and Asian major economic cities. And even there they are still ranking better than a lot of the fifty-five countries studied in this report. Continue reading

Essentials of the week March 12 – 20

EssentialsNo, Innovation in America is not dead ! Despite the alarming messages spread out in the news, highlighting how america is losing its competitive and innovation edge, it still ranks among the best countries in the world in terms of Innovation, according to the last report released by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. Among the seven criteria used to compare the countries*, the United States excel in 6 of them. Continue reading

Visa Information Session in Boston : Explore the different ways to come in the US !

Organized by the Young Professionals (YP) Committee of the French-American Chamber of Commerce of New  England’s, this informative event will be hosted by Bennet Savitz, one of the best immigration lawyer in Boston.

Moving to the United States is far from being easy process! The FACCNE YP decided to organize this event to make your visa/green card application process less stressful.

And they brought one of the best specialist to help you ! Continue reading

Biosimilars: will the FDA new guidelines spur innovation ?

The health care reform in the United States has been one of the main projects of the U.S government in recent years and is beginning to bear fruits. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, signed on March, 23rd 2010, defines the legislative framework for the development of biologic drugs. However, some major questions remained unanswered,  and health care related industries were impatient to have more formal guidelines. Finally, the FDA issued three guidance documents on February, 9th 2012, to assist industry players in developing biosimilars in the United States.

The proposed rules require Continue reading

Entrepreneurs : is there a way to “safely” cross the valley of death ?

The “valley of death” is ” the “dragon” of most entrepreneurs, a phase one dreads the most. It is the period during which an early stage company is developing its technology (or a proof of concept), its market, its offer and strategy, burning the few dollars it has in the bank at a high rate while not fueling the tank at the same time. At that time, the company is at its most vulnerable state financially, and in order to survive has to attract enough customers or investors to help it “cross” this valley of death.

As a sign that times are getting harsher for entrepreneurs, the height of the valley kept growing for the past 20 years. Continue reading

Essentials of the weeks : March 1 – 9

EssentialsDear Friends, March is off to a flying start and great news and events about entrepreneurship keep blooming ! On the finance side we just got a hold of new data on angels investment in 2011, and a few surprises awaited us in the Halo Report. Indeed, if California still leads the pack with 21% of total investments, a couple of regions are on its trail ! Surprisingly, it’s Michigan that takes the second place with 16% of investments, followed closely by New England (14.6%). What is remarkable is how angels groups are active throughout the whole country, Continue reading

Shedding light on memory deficits in schizophrenic patients and healthy aged subjects

Working memory, which consists in the short-term retention and processing of information, depends on specific regions of the brain working correctly. This faculty tends to deteriorate in patients with schizophrenia, as it does in healthy aged subjects. Continue reading

Vitamin B and omega-3 supplementation and cancer: new data

 Researchers from the Nutritional Epidemiology Joint Research Unit (Inserm-Inra-Cnam-Université Paris 13) have just published a study showing that, in men with a previous history of cardiovascular pathologies, supplementation with B vitamins and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (the fatty acids present particularly in oily fish and dried fruit) did not significantly increase the occurrence of cancer. However, women with a previous history of cardiovascular pathologies seem to have a higher cancer risk after five years of supplementation. The research is published in detail in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Continue reading

Essentials of the weeks : february 15-28

EssentialsDear friends, it looks like startup funding is being debated a lot lately, as different ecosystems are battling for the best spot, and that more and more startups are competing for the same amount of money. The new crowdfunding bill, that easily passed the senate a few months ago, was supposed to open a lot of new opportunities for young companies. Unfortunately, it is now stuck in the Senate, because its opponents feel that it has to be much more regulated before being made legal ! Continue reading