Which big company has the worst management ? HP, RIM and Yahoo trust prizes !

Yahoo just nominated Marissa Mayer to try to steer back Yahoo on the growing path, giving  her a more than hefty salary package, which could go up to more than $30 Millions ! Did the board of directors finally make a wise choice after a series of very pricey mistakes ? Time will tell !

But Yahoo is not the only company whose board of directors have kept making big mistakes over the past years : among the winners are RIM (Blackberry) and Hewlett Packard, slowly disintegrating into a banal company.

Discover in the great infographic below the 5 worst managed american companies of the last 2 years, and how poor management decision steered them toward trouble !


Essential of the week : November 7-14

EssentialsDear Readers, this week was really rich of great news in the area of Innovation & Entrepreneurship ! Take a look at our selection !

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