Last posts on entrepreneurship : Silicon Valley secrets and the US Government playing the VC game

Venture Capital news and Silicon Valley SecretsWe have now increased the size and talent of our workforce, in order to bring you the best news about entrepreneurship and innovation from all around the US ! Camille de Rosay and Sebastien Rouif joined our San Francisco office, and will give their best to deliver you insider analysis on this fantastic entrepreneurial region. And of couser I will continue to provide you with the latest news and trends on a national level, and reveals some secrets of the East Coast !

Unfortunately for those who don’t speak a second language, most of these great articles are in French ! It can also be a good reason to jump in and learn a new language while improving your knowledge about entrepreneurship !

On the menu this week (in French), a definite 4 stars 3-courses meal :

Why the Silicon Valley is unique ? Interview of Prof. Miller at Stanford University
Author : Camille Rosay, San Francisco

Main Course
The US Government want to play the Venture Capital game : a risky move ?
Author : David Boucard Planel, Boston

The entrepreneurial life in Silicon Valley
Author : Sebastien Rouif, San Francisco

We hope you enjoy the reading and most importantly, don’t hesitate to share this article to your entourage !


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