Tech Transfert in U.S Universities: a French Perspective

Dear readers, we present to you a series of three articles  focused on Technology Transfer in the U.S, manly in universities. The articles are based on the interview of the former Association of Universities Tech transfer Managers (AUTM) president, Prof. Ashley Stevens of Boston University, who gave us great insights on TT.

Prof. A. Stevens’ point of view is cristal clear about the Technology Transfer (TT) activities in U.S. universities: they are losing momentum because they are not incentivized. At the university level, they will be remaining very costly and unprofitable. Prof. Stevens however strongly believes the U.S. universities have a critical role in generating innovation through university spin-offs or spin-outs. He puts forward the need for more mentoring programs and more commercialization of translational research.

Prof. Ashley Stevens, as jury member of the new French scheme to centralize TT at the regional level (the so-called “SATTs” or TT accelerating corporations), favors the idea to mutualize TT resources through appropriate governmental incentives.

You can read the 3 full article in French : Part 1:

Part 2 :

Part 3:


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