Innovation in the U.S. is doing well, ITIF and Kauffman Foundation say

“The Global Innovation Index” is just out, and its results concerning the United States are very positive: despite some flaws in the American policies, the U.S. stay very competitive in terms of innovation. Only in two of the seven innovation-spurring areas are the U.S. slower than western European countries and Asian major economic cities. And even there they are still ranking better than a lot of the fifty-five countries studied in this report.

In terms of communication technologies, intellectual property laws, and entrepreneurship, the U.S. are doing very good. But the immigration policies for high-skilled foreigners are still very restricted, decreasing slowly the attraction of this country for those innovation leaders. On this  matter, the American policies have been criticized by this report and many others in the years before. This report also points out that both the U.S. government and the American firms fail to invest a sufficient amount in fundamental and applied research. Most of the investment is spent on development, and the innovations made in fundamental research struggle to become products and services launched into the market.

However, other topics could have been addressed by “The Global Innovative Index” such as cultural and structural differences between countries.

Read The full article in French (Author : Aurore Dupin, intern at the Office for Science and Technology)


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