Essentials of the weeks : March 1 – 9

EssentialsDear Friends, March is off to a flying start and great news and events about entrepreneurship keep blooming ! On the finance side we just got a hold of new data on angels investment in 2011, and a few surprises awaited us in the Halo Report. Indeed, if California still leads the pack with 21% of total investments, a couple of regions are on its trail ! Surprisingly, it’s Michigan that takes the second place with 16% of investments, followed closely by New England (14.6%). What is remarkable is how angels groups are active throughout the whole country, with 5 regions banking amounts superior to 9% of the total investments in angel capital. Another impressive observation is that the median size round increase by 40%, to reach $700k, a sign that angels are investing more heavily on projects. Internet and healtcare, as expected, took the lion’s share, sweeping almost 60% of all money invested by angels in 2011 !

Indeed, if entrepreneurs are eager to take money from VCs and angels, some of them often underestimate the constraints and obligations that come with raising some money from investors. An excellent article summarizes major ways in which investors are going to monitor a company in which it invests, and how an entrepreneur should adapt to them.

To go one step further, understanding the way an entrepreneurial ecosystem works, how its actors are interrelated, who influences what and how to make the most of resources are often the most difficult task of aspiring entrepreneurs. Well, we finally have an amazing infographic that presents all these actors in a fun and very visual way, so that you never get lost in the startup ecosystem !

Speaking of innovation and entrepreneurship, Boston will be the theater of one of the biggest summit on this topic in September : the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Focused on the development of smarter innovation for a sustainable future, key players in these areas will fly from all over the country to gather and explore the next generation of innovation for the future. We strongly encourage you to come if you have the possibility, as brilliant ideas are going to be generated at a very fast pace !

Some of the applications of these innovations could probably be in the Biotech space, especially Health Management, as the sector could be disrupted by new mobile applications and devices. As an example, take a look at this new system that allows doctors to monitor and guide remotely the reeducation of their patients, accelerating their recovery and their ability to pursue a normal life !

If there is one thing certain with innovation, it’s that nothing can stop it !


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