Essentials of the weeks : february 15-28

EssentialsDear friends, it looks like startup funding is being debated a lot lately, as different ecosystems are battling for the best spot, and that more and more startups are competing for the same amount of money. The new crowdfunding bill, that easily passed the senate a few months ago, was supposed to open a lot of new opportunities for young companies. Unfortunately, it is now stuck in the Senate, because its opponents feel that it has to be much more regulated before being made legal ! On the better side, the government R&D funding program for SMEs, the Small Business Innovation Research Program, has been renewed for 2012, and will provide up to $2.5 billions to companies for their R&D !

And if you feel like you want to find the next Facebook but don’t know how to invest, take a look at MicroVentures, a company that matches companies seeking money with investors looking to invest anywhere from $1,000 to $30,000 or more. It has been growing fast these last months, and a lot of good opportunities are lying there !

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If, on the other side, you want to become an entrepreneur yourself, and are not sure that you have the perfect resources or knowledge to get a company to tale off, two Boston-based startup school are about to open and enroll “students”, to teach them fundamentals of entrepreneurship and most of all, learn from their peers. Once your company will be on its way to success and you’ll be thriving on new markets and customers, never forget to asses the situation from an objective standpoint and wonder : am I the right person to lead this company where it has to go ? If not, you may have to make to most difficult decision in your life.


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