Essential of the weeks : Feb 1st – Feb 15, 2012


After trailing far behind other Universities like MIT or Babson College, it seems like Harvard is really willing to catch up in the race for entrepreneurship. After opening their Innovation Lab a couple of months ago, the University decided to go further and launched an experiment fund that will provide up to $250,000 in seed fund, mainly to student-led teams in Cambridge, MA. That’s a big move for the university, that certainly doesn’t want to see the next Marc Zuckerberg leave the campus for the Silicon Valley !

Related to this subject, John Dearborn, Pdt of Jumpstart Inc, proposes that universities recruits great entrepreneurs like they recruit athletes, arguing that if some of the best universities redirected some of their funds to hire great minds and help them jumpstart their company, the economics effects would be far greater than those provided by star athletes, and we have to say we can’t agree more !

On the government side, president Obama presented to congress his Startup America Legislative Agenda, that aims at facilitating the launching of companies for entrepreneurs and ease the access to capital, which is pretty restrained due to a tight credit market and a very slow economic recovery. Will these bills get Congress approval ? Nothing’s less certain, as republicans probably won’t yield the president a legislative victory in this year of election.

Entrepreneurs willing to raise fund could soon rely more broadly on crowdfunding, if the bill passed at the House of Reresentatives doesn’t get stuck in the U.S. Senate ! Still a lot of experts are debating about whether crowdfunding is really good or not for tech startups ? Our guess is that crowdfunding need to be monitored closely by some official commission, so that no fraud comes out of it, which could be devastating for entrepreneurs.

Finally, do you want to know what companies are the most innovative in the world ? Even though this is an infinite debate, Fast Company tried to establish a ranking, and we have to say that we are pretty impressed by the laureates. Not only are these companies good for economic growth and employment rates, most of them also facilitate our lives. So go take a look at these fabulous companies !


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