Essentials of the weeks : January 23 – 30

EssentialsFinally ! After taunting us for more than a year, Facebook finally filed with the Securities and Exchange commission, announcing an IPO that should be done around May. The goal would be to raise 5 billion and if the company is correctly valuated at $100 billions, then Marc Zuckerberg would be worth more than $28 billions ! But who else owns Facebook and how much are they worth ? That’s the question that Techcrunch answers !

Another hot industry is healthcare, thanks to the new innovation possibilities in Mobile Health. Thanks to the raise of the iPhone and similar mobile devices, a whole new industry is growing that could bring cheaper and better health care to everyone. Want to see the mesmerizing last products in this area ? Today’s $2 billions market could skyrocket in the next years, so you better stay tuned !

More focused on long term issues, Social Innovation is also on the raise, and is more and more adopted by big firms, not only entrepreneurs. Now that the hype has passed, it is time to develop a solid social product innovation strategy and get down to (social) business. 

In the entrepreneurship area, TechStars, one of the most famous Startup Accelerator, just announced its new class of 2012, made of 13 brilliant entrepreneurs, while a new coworking, Intrepid Labs, has just opened in Boston, and is focused on growing startups !

Finally, on the investment side, VCs struggled again to raise money in 2012, barely topping $18 B, and shifting money from early stage startups to more mature phases of development. In 2012, cautious optimism is shown by the industry, that foresees a difficult year. That’s good news for Angel Investors, who are on the rise and are outspending VCs everywhere, but in the US.


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