Big pharmas outsource their R&D: new opportunities for biotech startups! (in French)

In our new article, we explore one important aspect of the evolution of big pharmaceutical companies towards new models of development : the outsourcing of their R&D capacities,  evolving towards a Search & Development model. Is it now widely recognized that the big pharmaceutical companies have completely remodeled their R&D system for drug development. By reducing their internal R&D capacities and cutting large teams of researchers, these companies are looking to improve their efficiency and unclog their drug development pipeline. Of course, financial aspects are also extremely importants, as this new model aims at cutting the huge costs and risks of drug development, that are nowadays too big to offset the benefit of a successful project.

This could be a huge opportunity for biotech companies, smaller, more agile and willing to take more risks to develop new great drugs. Are they going to become the new Research Departments of the big pharmaceutical companies ? We can bet on it !

Read the full article (in French)


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