Essentials of the Week : January 9 – 20

EssentialsSeems like nothing can stop the dynamic pace of innovation that is happening at the beginning of this year ! As usual we dig for the best and latest news, and the harvest is very prolific ! And NO we are not talking about Megaupload’s closure by FBI ! Enjoy these articles and don’t hesitate to share them !

Article of the Week : 
2011 Venture Capital Report – A Record Year with $30.6 Billion Invested in 3051 Deals – CB Insights
Do Innovation Consultants Kill Innovation ? – Jens Martin Skibsted & Rasmus Bech Hansen – Fast.Co Design –
Mike Bloomberg is a Smart Businessman, That’s Why he is Trying to Learn Code – Zach Sims – Fast.Co Exist
See The Coolest Sleep Technology at CES – Lindsay Blakely – Inc. Magazine
Principles for Social Innovation in 2012 – Alnoor Ladha & Tim Dixion – Fast.Co Exist

A Year for Entrepreneurs – Jonathan Ortmans –
Here’s How Long It Took 15 Hot Startups To Get 1,000,000 Users – Business Insider
Top 15 U.S Accelerator & Incubators Ranked– Frank Gruber – TechcocktailBusiness
How To Work From Home Like You Mean It – Kevin Purdy – Fast Company
The Four Year Career – Anya Kamenetz – Fast Company

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