Essentials of the week : January 2-9

EssentialsDear all,

welcome back for this new edition of the Essentials of the Week, the first of 2012 ! The year is off to a flying start with great news and forecast for the weeks and months to come. No doubt that Innovation & Entrepreneurship will be the flagship of the year, and the key to growth & definite recovery. Take a look at our selection !

Article of the Week
Is Massachusetts Losing its Edge ?  – John Towne – Business Telegram

5 Steps to Increase Innovation Skills Set – Innovation Management – Marc Juszczak
Tony Fadell’s Newest Invention is the iPod of Thermostats – Fast Company – John Pavlus

The Essential Entrepreneur : What is Stopping You from Becoming an Entrepreneur ? – Forbes – August Turak
Fostering Entrepreneurship in Developing Nations – Larry Hardesty – MIT News
Optimism Wanes For Start-Up Ecosystem As Venture Capitalists And CEOs Face Economic Realities In 2012 – San Francisco Chronicle

Angel Investing in Startups Stimulate Job Growth – Mike Green – Huffington Post
Top 5 VC Mentors and Early-Stage Investors in Boston – Sravish Sridhar – Bostinnovation

A Manufacturing Strategy for 2012 : Keeping Jobs & IP in the U.S. – Gene Quinn – IPWatchDog


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