The grand challenge: how can big companies keep being innovative ?

This year, entrepreneurship and innovation have been praised as “life savers”, not only for the american economy, but all over the world. Mostly, we focus on small companies and entrepreneurs. We expect them to be the next generation of innovators, creating fantastic new startups that will revolutionize markets, create jobs and get the economy back on track.

But what about the big companies ? They’ve been surfing the innovation wave, proudly boasting about their innovation ability and their will to change the world. But when we look behind the curtain, the picture is not so cheesy. Most big firms really struggle to turn innovation into a profit and implement it at the core and roots of their global strategies.

In the technology industry, mergers and acquisitions sometimes seems the only way to get big companies like Google or Microsoft to bring new products to markets. Is that the only solution ? Certainly not. In our new article we explore the strategy of actors like Procter & Gamble or Apple, for which innovation is really a priority, and try to understand how their innovative strategy brought them to such a dominant position on their markets.

We also try to show how the shareholders pressure can really lead to counter-productive results in innovation strategy and how this pressure can misalign personal and global interests for the company.

Now to the other big companies: innovation realy pays off ! It just take patience and persistance !

Read the full article (In French)


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