Essentials of the weeks : Nov 29 – Dec 13

EssentialsDear all, seems like Santa Claus brought us a lot of interesting news a little bit in advance ! So enjoy this selection of great articles about innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy, it will be the last of this year !

Article of the week :
Can Venuture Capital Save the World ? Helene Coster – Forbes Magazine 

MIT President on How to Improve America’s Economy – Alan Weissberger – Viodi 

Can Only Startups Innovate ? A Brief History of Acquisitions – Harrison Weiber – The Next Web
Why There Are No Successful Innovation Initiative – Steve Dennings – Forbes Magazine

10 Things Entrepreneurs Don’t Learn in College – James Altucher – TechcrunchStartups: Silicon Valley vs The Emerging World – Omar F. Koudsi – Techcrunch
Universities Report Strong Startup Creation Despite RecessionNewswise

Why Greedy Stockholders and A $100 Billion IPO Could Hurt FacebookJosh ConstineThe People vs Private Equity – Jonathan Keener & Jason Kelly – Bloomberg 


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