Harvard finally embraces entrepreneurship with the I-Lab

 Last week, Harvard’s President Drew Faust and Boston’s mayor Thomas Menino gathered for the launching of Harvard’s brand new Innovation-Lab, whose great goal is to foster Entrepreneurship projects in the various faculties composing the University. The $20 millions facility will offer collaborative spaces, rooms, mentoring supports and entrepreneurship classes to all students willing to develop a project on their own, be it with other Harvard student or “outsiders”. While its development model is still to be determined, Gordon Jones, director of the Lab, plans to let the student envision the future of the lab. Sounds a lot like developing a startup! 4 000 students already visited the I-Lab during it’s opening day, and a startup scramble week end engaged some of them to explore and develop business ideas.

While the I-Lab is still a kindergartner compared to similar facilities such as the MIT Media Lab or Stanford’s Desisseroth Lab, it ambitions to become a must-go place for Boston based entrepreneurs. Will that be enough to keep the most promising startups to fly to Silicon Valley ? Let’s hope so !

Read the whole article in French


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