Essentials of the week : November 14-21

EssentialsDear Readers, this week was really rich of great news in the area of Innovation & Entrepreneurship ! Take a look at our selection !

Article of the week :
Venture firms struggling to raise funds, especially those that favor early-stage startups– Jolie O’Dell – Venture Beat

Seven Innovation Policy Ideas to Spark an Economic Recovery in the US– Bruce V. Bigelow – Xconomy Boston
San Diego Report on Innovation Economy Still Shows Mixed Picture of Economic Recovery
– Xconomy San Diego

House of Representatives Passes Crowfunding Bill –
A Map of Startup Created in US Universities
– Research Commercialization and SBIR Center
The Competition Is Not What You Think It Is – Innovation Management
Harvard’s Innovation Lab : An Entrepreneurial Vision Realized In Allston – Bostinnovation

Five Charts that Changed the Business
– Harvard Business Review

Enjoy the reading !


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