Essentials of November 1-7 2011

EssentialsDear Readers, it is my pleasure to introduce you to one of our new section of this blog : The Essentials of the Week !
Every week we will scrutinize the web looking for the best news in Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Tech Transfer and Business, and gather them in a single article. The best of the web put in a nutshell !

Article of the week:
The way companies are getting financed is Completely Changing
– Business Insider – Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

Venture Capital’s Boom & Bust Cycles – MedCity News
7 Start-ups Changing Peer-to-Peer Commerce – Inc.

How to Master the Ansoff Matrix – Inc.
Zuck: “If I were starting (Facebook) now, I would have stayed in Boston.” – Gregory Gomer – Bostinnovation
How the Rift Between Sales and Marketing Undermines Reps – Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson – Harvard Business Review

The future of innovation Management: 5 keys steps for future success – Rick Eagar – Innovation Management

Enjoy the reading !

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