The OST’s blog has evolved !

GrowthThe Office of Science and Technology just completed a facelift on this blog.In order to get artcicles and structure more clear, we made a few changes in the organization. We hope that these changes will benefit you and that your reading experience will be enhanced ! Among the changes :

  • A new menu, at the top of the page, will facilitate your navigation through our new articles and analysis, giving you access to the whole website in a click.
  • All informations about our initiatives, and about the last news in Research and Innovation are now gathered and tagged with key  words, so that you can focus on what you are truly interested in.
  • Regularly, we will post a summary and link of the most interesting articles we found in innovation and entrepreneurship. We know it can be extremely time consuming to check everywhere, so why not let us do it ?
  • We encourage you to leave comments and exchange your opinions with us in our articles !

We hope you will appreciate this new version and don’t hesitate to spread the word !

The Office of Science & Technology


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