Five new genetic susceptibility factors identified for Alzheimer’s disease

A consortium of 108 European laboratories coordinated by a French team (“Public Health and molecular epidemiology of diseases related to aging” UMR 744 Inserm-Lille-Institut Pasteur de Lille) led by Professor Philippe Amouyel (director of the 2010 FAID seminar) and a British team (Centre for Genetic and Genomic Neuropsychiatry, University of Cardiff) have recently identified five new genetic predisposition factors involved in the development of the disease.

The research was conducted by Inserm in close collaboration with the CEA (French national genotyping centre, CEA-IG-CNG), the Fondation Jean Dausset-CEPH and a European consortium of 25 teams.

The discoveries were made thanks to support from the Fondation Plan Alzheimer, which coordinated the research section of the plan, launched in February 2008, to fight Alzheimer’s and other related diseases.

See the full article here.


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