Dr. Andre Syrota visits Boston

André Syrota was nominated President General Director of Inserm in March 2009.

The new Alliance AVIESAN is comprised of Inserm, CNRS, CEA, Pasteur Institute, IRD, University Presidents and regional and university hospital CEOs and is entirely dedicated to biological, medical and public health research. Inserm’s principal mission is to provide fundamental knowledge for disease-orientated investigations and to ensure transfer of basic research results to applications in the clinical, biotechnology and public health sectors. Inserm ensures the continuum from basic research to clinical studies, and provides an opportunity for scientists to collaborate on long-term multidisciplinary research fields.

While in Boston, Dr Syrota met with the most cutting-edge research facilities, technology transfer offices, and top scientists in Boston, which include:

  • The Whitehead Institute,
  • The Broad Institute,
  • Boston University’s National Emerging Infectious Disease Laboratories,
  • Harvard-MIT Health Sciences & Technologies
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,
  • Tufts Technology Transfer Office,
  • Clinical Research Consortium of Massachusetts, and
  • Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology.

Also attending was Dr Jean Marc Egly, Inserm scientific adviser and Dr Philippe Arhets, Inserm Director of International Relations.  Dr Syrota participated in a Business Breakfast at the FACCNE (French-American Chamber of Commerce of New England) open to the public, the topic of which was “Changes in the French landscape of Life Sciences and Health research – New opportunities for cooperation.”

From April 13-16, the Inserm team learned about the scientific collaborative programs developed at these institutions, and discussed possible partnerships with Inserm.


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